Here are the most recent syllabi for my courses:

HIST 103  The Ancient World: HIST103B.Syllabus.Sp18.pdf and Online: HIST103B.Syllabus.Sp19.ONLINE.pdf

HIST 104  The Medieval World (Flipped class taught with Team-Based Learning): HIST104A.Syllabus.Fall2014

HIST 104  The Medieval WorldOnline Version: HIST104AEOL.Syllabus.Fall19.pdf

HIST 112  Republic to Empire: US History, 1789-1898: Syllabus.HIST112.Sp2017.pdf 

HIST 160 History Proseminar (topics course–most recent topic was the Old West)Syllabus.Fall13.OldWest

HIST 300 The Historian’s CraftFall.2013.Syllabus.HIST300

HIST 332  Modern Latin America332.syllabus.Fall2012

HIST 337  History of Mexico337.Sp14.syllabus

HIST 346  Age of the American Revolution, 1763-1815346.Syllabus.Fall2013

HIST 349  Civil War & Reconstruction: 349.syllabus.Fall2014 and the online version: HIST349.Spring2015.ONLINE.SYLLABUS


HIST 380  History of CapitalismCapitalismSyllabus.Revised.2014.2  Calendar: 380.Calendar.Sp14  



Inclusive Syllabus Design Tool: The Syllabus from a Student Perspective: The-Syllabus-from-a-student-perspective.pdf

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  1. Just wanted to send a thank you for the open letter on the Confederate Flag. You reaffirmed this man’s faith that aliens have not come down and stole our reality.

    Your fan, Luke “Not a Sherpa” Durudogan

  2. Just a note of support for you and your stance of not being drawn by people trying to rationalise their ignorance. Well written.

    Kyran Rei – World citizen, New Zealand.

  3. Sir, they have NOT learned from any of the history and references you provide. Reason didn’t get them to where they are so Reason can’t move them from where they are. But I just don’t know where that leaves us.

  4. Great article about the flag!! thank you for putting in words how I feel about the whole damned thing. Godspeed!

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